(All formats have complete tracking)

Different available delivery formats

  • Both for outdoor systems
  • And for assembly lines in factories


Implements to the screw in order to reduce the delays and the costs of our customers


  • Comprehensive supply,
  • Complete order – project supply,
  • Scheduling (1 year stock management)
  • A KIT concentrates all his components in only one reference


  • Uniform packaging with carton boxes (with authorized limit weight and submutiple of the european pallet 1200x800). That makes easier the identification and the reception of the screws.
  • Screw KITS (the customer specifies the screw references)
  • Comprehensive KITS. We can add components to the screw references (printing pieces, steel, brass, aluminium, ABS, rubber and others) both collected by DACCTORS or by the customer.
  • We agree with the customer any format of the product.

And after requirement of our CUSTOMERS

  • Anti-moisture bags inside the boxes (screw protection until their use).
  • Packaging in crates for maritime transport and outdoor subsistence.
  • Direct delivery from our facilities to customer facilities.

Frequently in our screw supply..

  • Our screw packages have their lot number for TRACKING of the PRODUCT,
  • When preparing the orders, the incidences that can happen, are registered in ISO 9001. Thanks to our responsible professionals with years of experience, these incidences are very limited and irrelevant.
  • Uniform package that makes easier the identification of the screw references

Even packaging

Screw kits or Integral

(Anonymous bags or printed with the customer Logo and his references)

(Suitable for his assembly lines or his outdoor facilities)

productos kits

We have a special section for preparing high reliability KITS. We have done this task for many years, for CUSTOMERS of the automobile industry, lifting, renewable energies, ventilation and many others that trust DACCTORS for theirs KITS.

We are looking forward to showing you personally...

the economic advantages of the KITS.

Delivery periods

(short and diligent)

We adapt to our CUSTOMER needs, with specific quantities and the agreed delivery PERIODS.


The delivery PERIODS are SHORT o AGREED period, with realistic dates.

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