After more than 10 years of experience in "fastening" sector, Miguel Navarro (the current CEO) set up DACCTORS in 1994, as a company focused on screw wholesale for industry.

Our beginning took place at the same time that Hexavalent Chromium 6 disappeared. This material had always been the main protector for steel screws against corrosion.

To face the gradual disappearence of Chromium 6, other organic and electrolytic coating materials appeared in the market. This took us to take into consideration all the rules and standards for coating and the properties of every type of coating...

Thanks to this knowledge and our long experience after many years working with coating, we can offer a high QUALITY in all our products, and be unique in the Market.



Thanks to our spacious and new facilities with more than 7.000 m2, machines, and other high performance resources, we can offer...


  • The capacity for orders-projects with a big volume of coating screws, in a short time.
  • Machines and resources in RESERVE to face the sale peaks, supplying to our customers big volumes meeting the agreed delivery times.
  • Supplying the screws with the right packaging and Kits, so our customers can save time and costs when they receive the screws.


Do you need more information ? Do you want to make an order? Contact us and we will explain you how we prepare our coatings and the delivery ways.

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